Release: Atlas v1.21.1

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Release: Atlas v1.21.1

Post by arith » Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:30 am

Release: Atlas v1.21.1 (Dec. 06, 2011)

v1.21.1 (Dec. 06, 2011)
  • Maps Updated:
    • Dragon Soul (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • End Time (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • Well of Eternity (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • Hour of Twilight (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • Caverns of Time (dubca7, Dynaletik)
  • Fixed Gnomeregan map info to point to correct dungeon ID
  • Fixed Dragon Soul map's auto-selection issue (Dynaletik)
  • Translation update
    • zhCN translation update (dh0000)
    • Copy esES to esMX
    • Added ptBR and ptPT translation (Barkend, limited translation for now)
  • Lib update:
    • Update Lib-BabbleSubZone to release 4 to prevent from multiple addons loaded the same lib and causing translation missing issue
Atlas Battlegrounds
  • zhCN translation update (dh0000)
Atlas Transportation
  • Added Darkmoon Faire Island map and transportation information
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