Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find NPCs in major towns and cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Post by sheavi » Sun Jan 07, 2007 12:54 am

Ok I was little bored to answer everyone for things I already said too many times so I finaly decided to make a FAQ topic.

!!This is not by Sheavi anymore, its by PiDion/S!NLESS!!

Q: Where can I find the latest Atlas?
A: You can download it Here

Q: I see no text, whats happening?
A: You probably have the wrong client of WoW since my addon only work with the enUS/enGB and the deDE clients.

Q: I have the enUS/enGB/deDE client and I still don't see any text!?
A: You surely use a version of Atlasloot that don't work with latest Atlas nor AtlasMajorCities. You can download the latest version of Atlasloot Here

Q: I see an error when I enter the game!
A: Whatever your error is (only one possible at the moment so...) its because you don't use the latest Atlas, you can find a link to download it a little upper... For lazy @$$ click Here

Q: I use the 1.5 alpha 3, why is Darnassus only shown?
A: At the Moment I rewrite the Code due Translation issues, thats why on the alpha only DN is available.

Q: Why did it Take so Lang to get all Cities Included?
A: Imagine you Play 4 Online Games, Have a Nice Girlfriend with you want spend Time and Search for a new Job because your chef Kicked you out right befor Chistmas, in the time of global economy crisis, thats a hard time so i do this for Fun, I dont get Money for this (Its not that i need no money, because i had loose my job) and i love to see People Use my addon. I Use this addon to get my Head clear and forget the Hard times im in at the moment, so be patient.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please post here!

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