AtlasQuest 4.8.0 Beta released

Interface for displaying an instance's quests.

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AtlasQuest 4.8.0 Beta released

Post by thandrenn » Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:48 pm

"But I have been patient. I have been waiting. And when the time is right, the betrayer will become... the betrayed."

Need help with some info. See here

Changes for 4.8.0 Beta
- Clarified location of quest giver for Auchenai Crypts: Raging Spirits. (thanks yunohu)
- Updated TOC File and added basic support for Mists of Pandaria dungeons, raids and battlegrounds.
- Removed "Story" button. Blizzard's ingame Dungeon Journal replaces this much better.

- Quests added:
- Scholomance: The Four Tomes
- Scholomance: An End to the Suffering
- Scarlet Monastery: Blades of the Anointed
- Scarlet Monastery: Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return
- Scarlet Halls: Rank and File
- Scarlet Halls: Just for Safekeeping, Of Course
- Mogu'Shan Palace: Relics of the Four Kings
- Mogu'Shan Palace: A New Lesson for the Master
- Shado-pan Monastery: Into the Monastery
- Shado-pan Monastery: Into the Mouth of Hatred
- Shado-pan Monastery: Lord of the Shado-Pan
- Shado-pan Monastery: The Path to Respect Lies in Violence
- Stormstout Brewery: Into the Brewery
- Stormstout Brewery: Trouble Brewing
- Stormstout Brewery: Family Secrets
- Temple of the Jade Serpent: Restoring Jade's Purity
- Temple of the Jade Serpent: Deep Doubts, Deep Wisdom
- The Gate of the Setting Sun: Lighting the Way
- The Gate of the Setting Sun: That's a Big Bug!
- Siege of Niuzao Temple: Somewhere Inside
- Siege of Niuzao Temple: Take Down the Wing Leader

- Pandaria dungeon quests are missing a few pieces of information. Particular quest givers and any extra needed info for them. I expect to get another release out before or around MoP release.

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