Deadmines map not showing

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Deadmines map not showing

Post by CaptainStarbuck » Sun Nov 11, 2012 6:21 pm

Hi - I'm still a trial WoW player and just getting familiar with addons - especially Atlas, so please forgive some newbishness...

There's an entrance to the Deadmines at 38.85,84.22. At that location the map shows OK. Step inside of the mine entrance and the map shows as per my screenshot. I tried to upload the png as an attachment here but got error "Could not upload attachment to ./files/...."

I'm using these addons:
- Atlas v1.22.1
- Atlas Classic Wow v1.22.1
- Atlas Dungeon Locaations v1.22.0
- Atlas Transportation v.1.22.2
Also using Carbonite, TomTom, Routes, and others...

I'm not just trying to understand this issue but trying to understand the general problem and how to resolve it - when I walk into an area and don't see a map, how do I know which addon has the map? And when I'm in a dungeon, can I expect the dungeon map to display rather than the above-ground map?



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