Dungeon Lists for Northrend

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Dungeon Lists for Northrend

Post by hypoelectron » Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:55 pm

Why haven't ICC 5 mans been added to the list of Northrend dungeons?
I think it's been quite long enough for you to at least pop them into the list.

Atlas Loot has had information longer on them and honestly I'm so annoyed that myself and most of my Battlegroup I've talked with are uninstalling Atlas.
Seems Idiotic that htese aren't a priority for you. Perhaps your just ignoring they exist.

On another note alot of the TOC gear isn't marked specifically heroic, so if you make a large ffarming wishlist you end up with heroic gear under the regular header.

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Re: Dungeon Lists for Northrend

Post by Hegarol » Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:12 am

We all have to live with it. Atlas will not be updated regularly until Dan finds time or finally someone takes over the project lead.
Just always remember that Atlas and Atlasloot are seperate addons and there is nothing we (the Atlasloot team) can do about outdated Atlas maps.

The issue that you mentioned will be taken care of during the Cataclysm switch.

If you have an problems regarding Atlasloot please refer to our forum: www.atlasloot.net
Atlasloot Project Lead ; Atlasloot Forum

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