Some heroics

How long did an instance take to finish?
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Sometime in the future I'd like to include "Length" (as in time) as a piece of information associated with each instance map. How do we arrive at this information? Lots of data. So, please time your instance runs, and post them here. Please keep in mind: This isn't about speed runs, this is about normal, average runs with a regular party in which the instance is "completed" (whatever that means). If there's already a thread for the instance you're reporting on, please reply to it. If there isn't, just create a new thread with the instance's name. This project was started on August 19, 2007.
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Some heroics

Post by Nalumis » Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:37 am

Some timings from heroic instances. The time behind the instance name is the average time of the number of runs that is listed in parentheses behind the time. Note that especially the ones which are only done once are not really representative.

Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts - 1:29 (3 - 1:21 to 1:39)
Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace - 2:19 (1 - bad group)
Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls - 1:22 (6 - 1:08 to 1:45)

Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens - 1:07 (1)
Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog - 1:31 (5 - 1:18 to 1:45)
Coilfang Reservoir: The Steamvault - 1:19 (2 - 1:13 to 1:25)

Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs - 1:31 (1)
Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts - (0)
Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls - (0)
Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth - 1:59 (1)

Tempest Keep: The Mechanar - 1:27 (1 - bad group)
Tempest Keep: The Botanica - 1:45 (3 - 1:23 to 2:04)
Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz - 1:53 (1)

Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills - 1:44 (1)
Caverns of Time: The Black Morass - (0)

Side note: The Shattered Halls with its 5 badges has by far the best ratio of badges per hour, followed by The Mechanar (4 badges) and The Botanica (5 badges). But do not do Shattered Halls without a paladin tank, because with a warrior or druid it is a pain.

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