Run Qualifiers

How long did an instance take to finish?
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Sometime in the future I'd like to include "Length" (as in time) as a piece of information associated with each instance map. How do we arrive at this information? Lots of data. So, please time your instance runs, and post them here. Please keep in mind: This isn't about speed runs, this is about normal, average runs with a regular party in which the instance is "completed" (whatever that means). If there's already a thread for the instance you're reporting on, please reply to it. If there isn't, just create a new thread with the instance's name. This project was started on August 19, 2007.
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Run Qualifiers

Post by Pelf » Mon Aug 20, 2007 3:53 pm

Ah ... I see this is here now that I've already posted in the other thread. I swear, reading forums top-down bites me in the ass way more than I'd like it to. I wish I could read ALL posts in parallel!


I think that posts of times should be accompanied with some notes about the run. Things like whether there were two shadow priests and you chain pulled the whole instance, or there were several AFKs, or more than average wipes, or the group did some quests, etc.

If we get a general idea of the nature of the run, when calculating the range (@Dan: I assume you're intending it to be something like 1-3 hours.) we can determine if the reported time should be weighted to the short or long end of the average.

That said, I know that's what averages do. But! Depending on how much data you get ... the luxury of being able to perform separate averages for lower and upper bound and even (/gasp) the ability to cull maximum and minimum values would add a lot more Qualityâ„¢ to your data.

@Dan (again): If you're really looking to get some press and data, you could make a thread on the official forums. If you start it in UI & Macros forum and make sure it's clear that you're Dan of Atlas fame and make it clear what you want you could probably get a green/blue tag on the thread. Once it's blue tagged, all the blue watching sites will index it and the views will pour in. I'm not sure you'd really want to redirect them to here unless you fancy a serious deluge of bandwidth up-sucking but you (or someone) could prowl the thread over there and copy the times over into the pertinent threads here.

Just a thought :).

(Incidentally that default colon right-parenthesis smiley is really strange looking. Why does it have a chin?)
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Re: Run Qualifiers

Post by Dan Gilbert » Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:52 pm

Pelf wrote:(Incidentally that default colon right-parenthesis smiley is really strange looking. Why does it have a chin?)
I think of them as balloons... :D

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