Release: Atlas v1.21.0

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Release: Atlas v1.21.0

Post by arith » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:59 am

Release: Atlas v1.21.0 (Nov. 29, 2011)

v1.21.0 (Nov. 29, 2011)
  • Update TOC to support WoW 4.3
  • Splitted plugins into separated addons
    • Atlas_Battlegrounds
    • Atlas_DungeonLocs
    • Atlas_OutdoorRaids
    • Atlas_Transportation
  • Splitted dungeon maps into separated modules based on the expansion sets;
    NOTE that if you would like to have all the dungeon maps to be displayed in Atlas, you have to download all the modules.
    • Atlas_BurningCrusade
    • Atlas_ClassicWoW
    • Atlas_WrathoftheLichKing
  • New Feature:
    • Added boss description as game tooltip to the map which was associated
      with Dungeon Journal
  • Fixed Frozen Halls dungeons missing in level categorizing method (Celellach)
  • New maps added:
    • The Dragon Soul (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • Well of Eternity (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • Hour of Twilight (dubca7, Dynaletik)
    • End Time (dubca7, Dynaletik)
  • Maps updated:
    • Firelands (dubca7)
    • Baradin Hold (dubca7)
    • Caverns of Time Dungeon Entrance (dubca7)
    • Throne ff the Four Winds (dubca7)
    • The Bastion Of Twilight (dubca7)
    • The Sunken Temple Instance / Entrance (dubca7, Dynaletik, Celellach)
  • Translation updated
    • German (Dynaletik)
    • Russian (StingerSoft)
    • French (Khiria)
    • Traditional Chinese (arith)
    • Simplified Chinese (ananhaid)
    • Spanish (maqjav)
    • Russian (StingerSoft)
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