AtlasLoot v6.02.00

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AtlasLoot v6.02.00

Post by Hegarol » Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:59 am

This updates contains most of the Cataclysm recipes for all professions (only Enchanting and Leatherworking are still missing some stuff), raid loot updates and much more.

Reorganized Justice Points menu.
Added missing PvP stuff.
Revamped Archaeology.
Updated Alchemy with Cataclysm recipes. (Thanks to Yinzara)
Updated Blacksmithing Cataclysm and Classic level armor and weapons pages. Armor Enhancements, Weapons Enhancements and Miscellaneous pages have also been updated.
Updated Inscription with Cataclysm recipes. (Thanks to Xecration)
Updated Leatherworking with Cataclysm vendor sold patterns.
Uddated Tailoring with Cataclysm recipes and vendor sold patterns. (Thanks to Panik, Earthen Ring)
Added new stuff coming with Patch 4.0.6.
Added support for Atlas 1.18.2.
Removed Cataclysm dungeon and raid heroic trash drops.
Many minor fixes, additions and translations.
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Re: AtlasLoot v6.02.00

Post by Celellach » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:24 am


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