Need help with MoP Quest Info

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Need help with MoP Quest Info

Post by thandrenn » Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:59 pm

I'm missing information for some MoP quests.

Usually I'd use a Level 90 Pre-made to obtain this, but they're not available. WoWhead's MoP section also doesn't seem to have the info available yet.
I don't want to spoil it too much by leveling to 90 on Beta.

All I really need is the quest giver names for these MoP dungeon quests.

- Mogu'Shan Palace: Relics of the Four Kings
- Mogu'Shan Palace: A New Lesson for the Master

- Shado-pan Monastery: Into the Monastery
- Shado-pan Monastery: Into the Mouth of Hatred
- Shado-pan Monastery: Lord of the Shado-Pan
- Shado-pan Monastery: The Path to Respect Lies in Violence

- Stormstout Brewery: Into the Brewery
- Stormstout Brewery: Trouble Brewing
- Stormstout Brewery: Family Secrets

- Temple of the Jade Serpent: Restoring Jade's Purity
- Temple of the Jade Serpent: Deep Doubts, Deep Wisdom

- The Gate of the Setting Sun: Lighting the Way
- The Gate of the Setting Sun: That's a Big Bug!

- Siege of Niuzao Temple: Somewhere Inside
- Siege of Niuzao Temple: Take Down the Wing Leader

If anyone is on the Beta and has some time or is around one of these dungeons and can pop in and let me know, I'd appreciate it :)

Thank you!

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