Modules and Plugins

Due to the total size of our addon is increasing bigger and bigger since we are having more and more maps with each expansion, we have heard many users complaining about the download issue, and suggested us to find some workaround.
We have discussed internally and also discuss with Curse and WoWInterface team, our final decision is to separate our built-in plugins into individual addon packages (also individual addon projects).

Also, we have moved out the old instance maps and re-categorized them based on the expansion set. For example, Burning Crusade instance maps are now only available in another addon package – Atlas_BurningCrusade.

This provide the flexibility of addon downloading. Users who don’t need any specific plugin or expansion’s instance maps can decide not to download them. Or, those plugins and old instance maps won’t get frequently updated, therefore, users who have download all the Atlas addon packages don’t need to download all the packages each time when there is a new release.